With more than 7000 islands, nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, tropical biodiversity and a great range of cultural traditions, the Philippines is one of the most attractive destinations in South-east Asia. 

While the country still attracts barely one-sixth the number of foreign visitors per year that regional powerhouse ailanddoes, foreigners are increasingly staying longer and spending more during their visits. Foreign and domestic tourists alike will have more reasons to linger in the next few years, when transport infrastructure to far-flung beach resorts improves and the development of a $6 billion complex of casino resorts reaches completion and it is projected to increase by 5.6% per annum till 2025. Hospitality Philippines Conference will be a comfortable, yet focused platform which brings together 200+ government bodies, real estate leaders, financing communities, project owners, Architects & interior Designers, Engineers and Contractors, Hotel Groups, consultants, Suppliers and Vendors to explore new investment opportunities and establish business partnerships.

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