Joining HRAP


The Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines offers you this rare opportunity:

An opportunity to be one with your industry.

Strength in numbers! That is what it’s all about. No one can do it alone anymore. Today’s challenges dictate that we act as a collective force to make a credible impact. There is a need to stand together. Only then can the issues that beset our industry today be effectively confronted.

With a nation wide network of members, the HRAP is the recognized industry association that represents the accommodation and foodservice industry. Founded in 1951 as a non-stock, non-profit organization, the HRAP ensures that the interests and concerns of the industry are given priority and due attention by the national leadership. Internationally, it is affiliated with the ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) and the ASEAN Hotel & Restaurant Association (AHRA) and the Asia Hotel Industry League (AHIL)and currently networking with other Asian organizations.

An opportunity to make your voice heard

The HRAP has various committees focusing on specific industry-related issues and concerns. These committees consolidate the full spectrum of the member’s need and are the platforms from which views and opinions are heard. The 10 focus groups are: Environment, Government Liaison, Legislation, Information Technology, Health, Safety, Security, Education, Membership/Programme and Public Relations/Publicity.

An opportunity for business development

We can nurture the long-term interests of your business by working closely with all government agencies, particularly, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Labor & Employment, the Department of Trade, Board of Investments, and other related organizations. Active partnerships with other private associations like the Employers Confederation of the Philippines, Hotel & Restaurant Tripartite Consultative Body (HRTCB) and the Tourism Industry Board Foundation, Inc. (TIBFI) are likewise pursued to serve the industry’s interest.

This opportunity is now knocking at your door.

You must seriously consider this invitation. Our members are not limited to big establishments and deluxe hotels. Our membership comprises a wide cross-section of independent restaurants and hotels, academe, industry suppliers and affiliated organizations. You can be part of a pro-active group of industry movers and shakers who has your best interest at heart.

Remember, opportunity rarely knocks twice. Take advantage of it now.

Join Us Now

New Member Entry

Application to become member shall be made by submission of HRAP Membership Application Form to the Secretariat Office.

Applications for membership shall be considered by the Board upon sponsorship/endorsement of two (2) members of the Association and the favorable recommendation of the Committee on Membership.

The application shall then be forwarded the next HRAP Board of Directors Meeting review for consideration. HRAP Board shall have the absolute discretion to accept or reject an application without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

A formal Notice of Approval shall be given to the Applicant with the attached Statement of Account for admission fees and membership dues. Official Membership to the Association is subject to payment of the required fees and membership dues

Who Can Join Us

Hotels, Resorts & Restaurants:

  1. Duly licensed hotels, resorts, apartelles, pension houses, and transport establishments with accommodation facilities and/or food service facilities;

  2. Duly licensed restaurants, clubs, pubs, bistros, music lounges, catering and quick-service establishments and similar establishments that provide foodservice facilities

Provided that the REGULAR MEMBERS are represented in the Association by the OWNER or his duly designated GENERAL MANAGER.


Schools offering Hotel & Restaurant degree courses. These shall include universities, colleges, institutes and cooking schools offering hotel & restaurant management, administration degree programs and/or tourism oriented courses, which have interest in contributing to the development of the hospitality and tourist industry.


Suppliers of hotels, restaurants, resorts, inns, clubs and similar establishments and entities and persons whether juridical or natural who have great interest in the development of the hospitality and tourist industries.

Affiliates & Chapters:

These are Affiliate or Chapter organizations within the framework of the Association located in any province or chartered city in the Philippines.